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This is experiential personal growth serving the renaissance of the feminine at its core.

This is not a discussion or debating forum. This is not anti-men or traditional networking... it goes deeper than that. 

We ask 'Who is this woman, most essentially? How is her life force - her magic - wanting to be expressed in the world?'. In the spirit of mutual support and encouragement, we enable women to build authentic connection with themselves and beyond.

While we offer regular gatherings in the city, one to one coaching and regular weekend trainings, one of the unique ways we work is through encounters with horses, who evoke and affirm our true Self. They help us embody that dance between feminine and masculine in ourselves, guiding us towards more balanced ways of being.

When the feminine is celebrated and comes into right relations with the masculine, this is the catalyst for growth and evolution at the individual and organisational level.
— Laira Gold, Director

women everywhere

are ready for something else, something more...

Equilibrium Partners are proud to have worked with thousands of Women like Tessa, Christine and Kim.

We enable women to step back from daily life and hear themselves. Our culture is one where it is OK to be vulnerable. We welcome the anger. The self-doubt. The sadness. The guilt. We welcome it all. Break free from old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Find your Self emboldened in new and generative ways.  Feel more vital and whole in personal and professional life.



Tessa's success over her 20-year career in retail afforded her a comfortable lifestyle, and she loved the buzz of her working environment despite the long hours. Now her two daughters were a bit older she was feeling the return of an old wanderlust, a longing for adventure and novelty. She sometimes felt irrationally angry, lashing out unpredictably. She felt tired of always doing everything for someone or something else. She felt as though something was itching at her. If only she had time to hear herself think...and somewhere to air her ideas...



Christine had seen many things during her tenure administrating for an NHS Trust. Constantly changing policies and little strategic coherence had made her philosophical about the latest new ideas. For her, it was all about remembering the patients, the families. And now she was seeing it from the other side, while her husband went through chemo. She felt more responsible than ever before. There were times when she really felt like letting go but she wondered if she would ever pick up again if she did...



Kim was making the transition from her full-time job as PA at a leading advertising agency to launching her own on-line sustainable gift company. She had her suppliers lined up, her website ready to go and her Instagram feed lined up. As the launch date came closer she felt some trepidation about leaving the financial security of her job and going out on her own to fullfil her long-term goals. At moments she felt overwhelmed and alone, and recognised she needed some support.