Finding Your Equilibrium

Equal pay, lack of diversity at senior levels, talent management, staff retention and absenteeism, even sexual harassment – how can organisations move to the next level?

Our wrap-around programme for corporates guides women on their leadership journey. We support the development of systemic gender parity that is the future of organisational culture.

Our purpose is to engage the potency of feminine intelligence in organisations. We help to evolve and advance female talent that results in greater creativity and productivity across the organisation. 

STAT: The most gender diverse quarter of companies were 20% more likely than the least diverse to have above average financial performance, according to McKinsey report Diversity Matters

Retaining brilliant women is all about recognition, reward and a demonstrable commitment to their advancement.

Equilibrium Partners is no ordinary training provider. We work with women in management and leadership to bring forward the full expression of their creativity, wisdom and life force, delivering development through a relational and experiential approach.

We offer year-long intensive programmes that comprise of three elements - group coaching, 2-day intensives and 1x1 coaching.



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My learning over the week has been extensive and deep. In essence I feel it is all about ‘quality of presence’; about my ‘being’
— Sarah
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City Groups

Six group coaching sessions over the year: a space to explore what is emergent, with clear strategies for developing your Self within organisational and personal life

2-Day intensives

Three 2-day intensives over the year: transformational residentials, incorporating equine guided learning

121 Coaching

Six 121 coaching sessions over the year: a confidential space where you deep dive into your leadership journey




Meet the Coaches

Laira & Harriet

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A wonderful weekend of feeling, listening, sharing and connecting. I am so grateful to you all for starting and supporting me in my journey and the new paths that are ahead.
— Louise


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A taster session to show how our method of coaching has far reaching benefits, in work and life.



We help organisations to incorporate feminine intelligence, giving a leading edge to the way they do business.

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