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Evolving organisations through feminine intelligence


Equality & Diversity

Equal pay, lack of diversity at senior levels, talent management, staff retention and absenteeism, even sexual harassment – how can organisations move to the next level?


The key to transformative change is to make the system see itself. It matters to the future of our institutions, our societies, and our planet
— Otto Scharmer

seeing the WHOLE


These issues are symptomatic of an underlying distortion...

...that in turn reflects wider, centuries-old cultural forces. The results affect organisational resilience and performance. The minds considering the issues of today are demographically the same minds that have built and maintained traditional ways of doing business – white, anglo-saxon males.  

Their contributions are important, but by restricting who comes to the party, there is a poverty of new thinking and innovative behaviours.

Our organisations miss out on the richness that comes from more fully integrating a diversity of thought, talent and creativity. Our organisations stand to profit from the exponential shift that can take place when other groups are included. Put simply, in a highly competitive environment, we can’t afford not to…


That’s where Equilibrium Partners comes in

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We help organisations to make positive steps to a new level of thriving and innovation. We are here to support the process of  fully incorporating the unique gifts and attributes of the feminine into the ways contemporary organisations do business.


A Better Workplace


If we always did what we have always done, we will always get what we always got…
— Henry Ford

The competitive edge lies in synthesising the human capital of complimentary masculine and feminine energies, in the potent magic of creative tension – which can only be possible where two equal and opposite poles come into alignment.

This happens through the active integration of feminine attributes and qualities, leveraging even more human potential, and thereby providing an exponential leap in resilience, creativity and potency.

The benefits of this are not just synthesising a thriving, diverse, inclusive working culture. By evolving more wholesome workplaces, so it is that elusive ‘balance’ and employee well-being is nurtured, with a reduction in both recruitment costs and absenteeism. It also spreads out to the wider culture of how we do business, and into homes and relationships.


feminine resilience

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Equilibrium Partners enables organisations to move to the next level of their evolution.


Enriched thinking and creativity through enabling diverse views and ideas to generate processes, products and outcomes


Investing in the development of female talent to proactively grow the leaders of tomorrow


Shifting conflict from anger and resentment, to using it wisely through holding creative tension out of which new possibilities and solutions spring


Increasing motivation and engagement to foster healthier, happier teams; a workplace where people can fully contribute their potential


to explore how we can support your organisation

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I had profound insights into myself and my relationships with others. My understanding of leadership went to a much deeper level in a short period of time.
— Programme Participant