Our wrap-around programme for corporates guides women on their leadership journey. We support the development of systemic gender parity that is the future of organisational culture.

It comprises of 3 elements - group coaching, individual coaching and 2-day intensives involving horses.

It is flagrantly unjust to keep women out, by whatever unconscious means we do so; and we simply cannot afford to do without women’s expertise”
— Mary Beard

benefits For organisations  

The pressure for change is unprecedented. This includes the development of women leaders for board-level and CEO roles. Organisations face the challenge of their top women being head-hunted or deciding to step out of corporate life because their needs can't be met or they feel under-valued. We help organisations to evolve and advance emerging female talent.

By investing in current and potential female leaders, organisations will achieve...


Talent recognition, retention and reward - create a very real sense of womens’ needs being met in this complex and turbulent time. Organisations show commitment to their women, actively supporting their development and well-being - a key factor in retention of top talent.  


Corporate social responsibility - by creating a space for our female leaders to 'drop down',  decisions are made that impact us all from a more congruent mindset - leading to more ecological growth with greater systemic awareness  


Outstanding self-leadership, rooted in 'This is who I am, what I stand for, and this is the direction I believe we should be going in'. Literally, the programme 'en-courages' women participants.


Mental health - women are almost twice as likely than men to be diagnosed with anxiety and our programmes explicitly help to create a reflective more balanced mindset, which of course contributes to the wider society

A working understanding of systemic forces enabling women to see beyond the playing-out of personalities that undermine or sabotage. Graduates bring a context to their leadership that frees up talent to work creatively and collaboratively.


Be part of the gender rebalance that is our future. When the pure feminine comes into right relations with the masculine, this is the catalyst for sustainable long term growth where we all benefit

STAT: Employees Who Are Thriving in Overall Wellbeing Have 41% Lower Health-Related Costs Compared With Employees Who Are Struggling and 62% Lower Costs Compared With Employees Who Are Suffering, Gallup Consulting, Economics of Wellbeing, 2017

Thank you for allowing me to be me, and opening up a new pathway to follow my heart and reconnect
— course participant

how it works

Our approach has three core elements


City Groups

Six group coaching sessions over the year: a space to explore what is emergent, with clear strategies for developing your Self within organisational and personal life

2-Day intensives

Three 2-day intensives over the year: transformational residentials, incorporating equine guided learning

121 Coaching

Six 121 coaching sessions over the year: a confidential space where you deep dive into your leadership journey 

It’s a question of not so much pushing the boys out of the picture, but making the whole frame bigger so that both men and women access the labor market, contribute to the economy, generate growth, have jobs, and so on
— Christine Lagarde

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