Our approach

The Equilibrium Partners approach is warm, feminine, light and intuitive. We see each woman in her struggle to be witnessed, supported and celebrated, on the road towards a full and happy life. Our programmes enable you to


Increase motivation and engagement to foster healthier, happier teams; a workplace where people can fully contribute their potential


Develop confidence and assertiveness skills that will serve you in male dominated cultures


Develop strategies for restoration and re-generation in a world that expects women to be all things to all people


Move beyond self-doubt and connect with and trust your intuition and feminine intelligence

Thank you for allowing me to be me, and opening up a new pathway to follow my heart and reconnect
— course participant


Our approach has three core elements 

These three elements involve individual self-enquiry, personal encounters with horses, and an on-going sense of community through group process. They combine to make a rich, supportive and integrative personal journey.



City Groups

Six group coaching sessions over the year: a space to explore what is emergent, with clear strategies for developing your Self within organisational and personal life


2-Day intensives

Three 2-day intensives over the year: transformational residentials, incorporating equine guided learning


121 Coaching

Six 121 coaching sessions over the year: a confidential space where you deep dive into your leadership journey 


About Equine Guided Learning

An embodied experiential approach, participants engage in encounters with the horses. They are given the space to explore and process connected thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Horses experience all forms of emotion. The same as humans. The difference is that horses do not try to avoid their emotions and do not separate what they feel from how they act. They act under survival instinct as they are prey animals. When a human interacts with a horse, the horse often mirrors what the human is feeling, getting right to the 'inner truth'.

We are proud to offer this remarkable and magical approach to Equilibrium clients, which in our experience is a doorway to profound transformation for individuals and organisations.

Horses respond without judgement, in the present moment, to the integrity of the whole person and their inner story. Change the story and behaviours and the horse changes too...
— Harriet Hanmer, organisational psychologist

Benefits of EGL

Horses see the individuals, not the job titles. They respond in the present moment to the integrity of the whole person and their inner stories, rather than to orders, intellectual ideas or incongruence. The feedback horses give is instant, clear and non-judgemental.

Very often, the experience of Equine Guided Learning is joyful and continues to be drawn on as a metaphor and language for individuals and groups for a long time to come.     

With the right facilitation, the horse’s ability to engage with our true Self can be catalytic for long lasting change. In this safe and unique learning environment, participants are able to experience the full spectrum of human emotions and explore new ways of responding to their Self and to life, relating them directly back to everyday siutations.