Living on Purpose


121 coaching

for Women in Leadership & Management

The third element of our yearly programmes is six 121 coaching sessions. The coaching process we offer is a crucible that offers each woman the opportunity to explore what is most essential to her. Each session activates the steps she needs to fully express herself out into the world and to find herself fulfilled. 

As women we love to know that someone is really rooting for us and is right there supporting and encouraging us. That's what Equilibrium Partners offers, bringing the experience of many years supporting women in leadership.

The structure provided by an ongoing, focused, engagement between each woman and her coach enables her to keep moving in the direction of her purpose, her vision, and her core priorities. We might term this Self-Leadership.

Coaching takes place over a programme of six sessions, over a period of 4-6 months approximately. These can be face to face, or by Skype/Zoom. The final session involves the review of the overall goal and a decision is made whether or not to begin another cycle of six sessions



Cycles of 6 coaching sessions over the 1-year training


Align your personal values with action, so you can channel your unique creativity


Transform your inner conflicts into creative tension that serves your potential and well-being

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Move forward in the direction of your purpose, vision and core priorities


I found the approach very refreshing - it brings together gentleness, confidence and authority without any need to push or strive.
— Coachee

Who this is for

OUR 1-YEAR PROGRAMME is for Women in Leadership and Management.   

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Experienced Coaches

Adept at holding personal process, supporting the depth of emotion while maintaining a light touch. We offer a warm, intuitive and feminine approach.  

Forward-focused experience

Our approach is essentially to help you to explore what really matters to you and then support you to take the actions towards creating a satisfying, meaningful life.


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Contemporary City Venues

We work across different venues across the City, and have various options to suit your needs. We place importance on our surroundings, and prefer to work in contemporary, feminine spaces, that reflect our approach to this work, such as the Allbright Club. We also offer sessions via Skype and Zoom.

And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom
— Anais Nin


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