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About Equilibrium Partners

women everywhere are ready for something else. At work, at home, in life. Perhaps you have a faint niggle that something isn’t quite right.

A feeling of emptiness or numbness that you cannot quite put your finger on. Perhaps you are at a cross roads, a life transition. Perhaps you are experiencing particularly high stress, anxiety, loss or burn-out. Or maybe you are feeling a deep sense of anger or rage and you are finding it difficult to handle this.

We see all this as a way of your system telling you that something is up. Something is wanting to emerge. We normalise all this and create the space for women to gain a deeper sense of the Self. We honour the parts of you that lurk in the shadows, that have been forbidden or squashed. Equally importantly, we bring humour to our process. We laugh at our absurdities, allowing the shame to dissolve away. We support you on your personal and professional journey, of what it means to be a women in the 21st Century.

About your Coaches

We have been working with individuals and organisations collectively for over 25 years, with thousands of clients across the public, private and voluntary sectors. We meet the growing needs of Women in times of complexity and turbulence. Offering a fascinating learning experience for Women in Leadership and Management, we draw on richly diverse wisdom traditions, leading edge science and natural horsemanship. Our partnership is founded on a love for the Horse and a belief in Human Potential.

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Harriet HaNmer

Director & Facilitator

Harriet is a psychologist specialising in leadership and organisational development,

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Laira Gold

Director & Facilitator

Known for her clarity and warmth, Laira has a capacity for deep listening 

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The Horses

Active Participants

Our horses are experienced and have a proven record in creating safe, effective, profound, delightful Equine Guided Learning events. We take pride in the fact that they are relaxed and happy and willing to show up for the work.

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City Groups

Group Coaching journey over 12-months that allows you the space to explore which parts of your Self are being missed and are wanting to wake-up.


Weekend intensives

Our unique use of Equine Guided Learning on our Weekend Retreats - a modality in which mind, body and soul are fully engaged  - this is experiential and embodied. 


121 Coaching

Our 121 coaching programme offers a private and confidential space for individual self-enquiry, supporting you on your personal journey. 



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Ready for that something Else?

If you are searching for something but are not quite sure what that thing is, if you are wanting a way to feel whole, more balanced and more at ease with your Self, the Equilibrium Partners approach could be for you.