Immersive and transformative


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Immersive RESIDENTIALS for Women to refresh and inspire

The most immersive part of our programme, these three 2-day intensives spread out over the year will enable you to deep dive into your unique process and self development. Here we facilitate encounters with our herd of horses, who offer  deep, powerful, gentle reflections.  You are free to let go and step back from daily life, exploring  for yourself in a soulful, relaxed environment among kindred spirits.

Learning about yourself through the medium of being with horses is dynamic and often joyful experience, even for women who have been afraid of horses.  You will be guided by expert facilitators Harriet and Laira, who have been practicing Equine Guided Learning for 14 years. Body and soul will also be nourished with delicious food, yoga and massage. These intensives take place at a Norwood Park, a stately home venue in Nottinghamshire, just over an hour from London Kings Cross by train.



Safe, contained group process, and explorations through the horses and land


121 coaching sessions with horses for confidential individual self enquiry


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Time for personal reflection and practices


A restorative, rejuvenating holistic programme with yoga, massage, meditation and nutritious food

Horses respond without judgment to the inner story. Change the story and the horse changes too
— Harriet hanmer, Organisational Psychologist

Who this is for


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Experienced Facilitators

Adept at holding group process, supporting the depth of emotion while maintaining a light touch. Leaders in the field of Equine Guided Learning (EGL) and experienced horse women. We offer a warm, intuitive and feminine approach.  

Deep, experiential and embodied learning experience

The weekends are designed to catalyse growth and change at a deep level. Women can take the space to really connect with themselves, with each other, and with the horses whose responses offer a mirror of each participant's internal reality. There is opportunity to develop self awareness and then to rehearse and integrate new ways of being and doing that support the emergence of each woman's potency and joy. Something very special can happen in a circle of mutually supportive women during these weekends, and deep friendships often grow from this shared experience

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Bohemian Luxury Accommodation

Our two-day intensives are held at Norwood Park in Nottinghamshire. Discretion is assured as we have exclusive use of this very special 18th Century private country house. Heritage and luxury effortlessly combine to create a quintessential home from home experience.

It is difficult to summarise my learning over the week as it has been extensive and deep. In essence I feel it is all about ‘quality of presence’; about my ‘being’ as the horse is a creature of ‘being’ too. It feels like the horse and person weave together like a tapestry - if the core the person is sure of themselves and in tune with the horse, the more the horse responds - it is as if it’s saying ‘finally, you’re speaking my language”
— Sarah

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Disclaimer: Engaging in Equilibrium Partners Retreats may transform your life.  It may bring issues to the fore that are sensitive and challenging to deal with. This is compelling work and it can potentially be emotionally intense.  Emotional safety at our events is paramount. We can provide 121 support in the form of coaching or psychotherapy, should this be appropriate.