Harriet HaNmer


Harriet is a psychologist specialising in leadership and organisational development, and has a particular passion for combining this with the magic of equine guided learning.

She is an experienced facilitator of group work, in particular for women, and is passionate about supporting the emergence of the evolving feminine. She has worked with executives from Apple, Ebay, Paypal, other corporate multi-nationals, and government departments. She developed and delivered several leadership programmes for UAE women incorporating equine guided learning, sponsored by HRH Princess Haya bint Al Hussein.

She completed a psychosynthesis psychotherapy training and Masters degree in Leadership and Organsiational Development. She has trained numerous practitoners in Equine Guided Learning. She is part of the Faculty at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and she is also a coaching supervisor.

Her original career was as an international journalist and loves to work and play in diverse cultures and settings. She is an experienced horsewoman, trained to practitioner-level 20 years ago with Monty Roberts, and has a herd of horses who join her in working with clients.



Laira on Harriet...

What do you like about working with Harriet?

H and L laughing.jpg

I love working with Harriet. On some level, our work together is really just an excuse to hang out. When I am working with Harriet, I can bring my whole self to the conversation - the fun and the depth.

What is Harriet’s idea of hell?

Hah! Harriet’s idea of hell? This is hilarious. She would hate being imprisoned in a really boring soulless all-inclusive hotel, all the while she knew that there were cultural delights, pilgrimages, sufism, meditations, beautiful horses to ride, and delicious lunches to eat outside!

What does Harriet love?

I love Harriet’s appreciation for art, music, history, diverse spiritual practices and cultures. But most of all, Harriet’s love for her animal family is a joy to be around. You can see from how her horses carry themselves that they feel that too.

If you have a day off together what would you do?  

I am having a tough time trying to decide. Getting on our horses and riding across the desert at 100 miles per hour. Steadily cantering across new unchartered terrain, exploring a never ending array of new paths. Or hanging out at a music festival listening to cool tunes.  It’s a tough one!





Laira is a Leadership and Organisational Coach, a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist and an educator. Her  first career was in Investment Banking in Canary Wharf, London, working across the UK, USA and Europe with a focus on Relationship Development and Management. For the past 15 years, Laira has been immersed in the profession of personal development and coaching in the UK. 

With a deep comprehensive psychological understanding, Laira uses a mix of skills, models and methodologies in her role as facilitator and director at Equilibrium Partners. Specifically, she integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Psychosynthesis coaching model of Trifocal vision, drawing upon a unique Leadership and Organisational model called 5DLFIVE DIMENSIONS OF LEADERSHIP developed by Roger Evans.

Known for her clarity and warmth, Laira ensures her clients get the best possible outcome by balancing the coaching conversation to incorporate both the business and human aspects of work; by being supportive and challenging; and by working at depth while also creating a light-touch.

Laira splits her time between working with Women in Leadership and Management and running a private Coaching practice from her home in Northamptonshire. She is a mother of two boys and knows first hand the challenges of juggling career, family, home and ‘me’ time. To get into flow, Laira spends time with her horses and in nature, which for her is the source of all creativity.


What do you like about working with Laira?

H L laughing with feather intrepid.jpg

Working with Laira is a total joy. She is super smart and can really focus, which keeps us on purpose and grounds our creativity. At the same time she has a ready laugh and I love it when her zany sense of humour hijacks us momentarily. Her presence and poise are vehicles for her great sensitivity and insight. I love how we can tease out something really special from the spark of an idea one of us brings. I know I can bring anything to Laira and she will get it – whether it is a new idea, some emotional puzzle, or something I’ve noticed about the horses.

What is Laira’s idea of hell?

Hmmm, she would probably make the best of most situations by being curious. However, her idea of hell would be having to do small talk in a fluorescent-lit basement room at a teetotal drinks party, where the canapés were spam fritters and low grade sausages. However, give her one person with an open mind and somehow she would make it work…

What does Laira love?

Ha! The need for speed! A fast gallop on her horse Goldie.  She also loves to travel and explore other cultures and terrains. She lights up in meaningful interaction and connection. She loves beauty and that really shines through at her home, where there is a natural and graceful aesthetic. She loves her family and it is a delight to see her being with her little boys on their level, giving such gentle care and kindness.

If you have a day off together what would you do? 

We would be magically transported to Spain or Portugal. where we would ride happy horses across beautiful countryside (of course including a gallop across a plain) to a day at the local feria where we would party on horseback with glasses of sherry and delicious tapas.  Horses, adventure, music and laughter, that's the recipe. 


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